PEOPLE - zo. 19 MEI 2019


ZO 19 MEI 2019 om 15.00 uur (tot 18.00 uur)


"People" by Jordi J. Cardenas, is a collection of figurative painting that works genres such as portrait, landscape or still life. 

The total content of this exhibition is divided into two different sections, however they complement each other at certain point.


The first section shows a display of black and white paintings. Thanks to the influence of other artists such as Helen Verhoeven or Edwin Walter Dickinson, Jordi Cardenas followed his curiosity to explore this way and its main feature: the absence of color, in addition to discover the topics that this arouses. In this practice, a trip to the past is guaranteed.


Inspired by photographs of a century old, the works announce the social portrait of a past reality. At this point, the pictorial practice becomes a fun and curious game due to the work of interpreting the figures and actions from the reference images. The rhythm of brushstroke, the contrast and the gray tones are the components that reveal the forms.


Next, the exhibition gives way to a second section that stands out due to the appearance of color.

This part has pieces of different pictorial genres such as the portrait, the self-portrait, the still life. This is the moment to show Jordi's affinity for the color and light that falls on the subject.It means for him the study of the visual factors that make things recognizable. What makes the dark, interpretable in a vital and fresh way.


From a serene intimacy, these images are fragments of the artist's environment. Himself, other people, objects and spaces as elements of the personal cercle. This collection aims to show the relationship between himself and others, treating the psycho-affective environment as a necessary element for the psycho-social development of the individual.

Jordi J. Cardenas

Born in Menorca (Balearic Islands) in 1991.


Jordi Cárdenas has a special interest for multidisciplinary in visual arts and he likes to approach it from his main practice as a painter. Observation, abstraction and technique - requirements for the pictorial practice - are his main source of stimulation.


He was introduced to art by his family and his place of born - the island of Menorca - was a propitious and inspiring environment to develop his creativity: Nature, territorial limits, surrounding of the sea and a small and close community.


His art studies offered him knowledge in diverse disciplines - drawing, painting, video and mural painting-. This encouraged his open mindedness towards methods, languages and representation. Moreover, he has taken lessons from different artists at their atelier, as the same way of the old school. It is considered by him as one of the best learning experiences.


After six years living in Barcelona, he decided to look for a calm place to develop his artistic production. Luckily, Rotterdam infuses him tranquility and a perfect balance between secluded time and socializing. In addition he lets himself be inspired by the special light of Holland in all seasons, the positive presence of LGTB activities in Dutch society and the prevailing artistic discourse.

Currently he is busy approaching topics in his paintings towards which he is sensitive: his relationship with himself and others, his social heritage and environment.



In the near future he wants to explore different expression media to complement his artistic production and to develop his practice in muralism as an extension of his artistic work towards the public space. Furthermore, he wishes to develop a estetic closer to himself by learning from other artists and getting inspired by their works.