MY SPIRIT HASN'T EVEN BEEN THERE - zo. 24 NOV. 2019 / 15.00 UUR t/m 18.00 UUR


ZONDAG 24 NOVEMBER 2019/ 15.00 T/M 18.00 UUR

Madhav Agarwal (1992) is an Indian artist currently based in Rotterdam and has been involved with music and poetry almost all his life. Photography is n recent years. Although he always enjoyed capturing whatever caught his eye, it wasn’t until in 2017 - when his Norwegian friend lent him a second-hand Polaroid camera - that he really found

a voice through this medium.

Besides the instant nature of the Polaroid that allows him to have an immediate production of the photograph, he is fascinated by the many artifacts and unpredictability brought on by the Polaroid process. The little glitches of old used cameras and expired films give the images an archival and mysterious quality and leave a lot to chance, the best leveler.


This selection of images were captured by Madhav on his travels in Europe and Asia and include the urban landscapes of the Czech Republic and Austria, the beaches of Holland and Thailand, the forests of Latvia and the Himalayas in India.

For the purpose of this exhibition, he decided to superimpose his poetry on the blank section of the Polaroid, enlarge them through high-resolution scanning and press them out on a larger format via the delicate process of silkscreen printing.

The relatively smaller prints were made using monotone riso-printing.

The images and poetry together make a coherent whole, which - Madhav hopes - doesn’t need description. If he had to, he would call these images an expression of the beauty in paradox and the balance in nature.