OUT OF NOWHERE 9 - 23 OKT. 2016 19.00 UUR

Have you ever watched an experimental film? Avant-garde? Anti film? Alternative movie? Artistic video? Are you interested to become familiar with such films? Or you already made one?


What will we experience this evening? A bit of history, aesthetics, poetics and authors of those kind of movies…a bit of how we can use experimental films in performing arts… 


For the first time in the Netherlands we prepared for you a selection included in this year International festival of experimental film Superstars from Novi Sad (Serbia)…The rest depends on you!

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Are you interested in creating an experimental film? Maybe after this evening you will be inspired to do it!

You are more than welcome to watch together with us "fresh" experimental films from different countries, to discuss, comment, add and enjoy in crazy ideas!


Event prepared by:

Ivana Indjin, inter/cross media artist

Zoe Cochia, curator

Luka Lives, multimedia artist


If you want to participate you can also send a message to zcochia@yahoo.com


Also you can visit during this event the exhibition "The Long and the short of it" . For more info http://www.niffo.nl/tentoonstelling/the-long-and-the-short-of-it/