Date: 26.05.16

Time: 19h 00 - 23h 00 


The concept of GENESIS is inspired by a true life story of aspiring designer Karison Thomas, once existing in a downward spiral of hate, anger, and depression that pushed him to the point of no longer desiring anything in life. Through the support of friends, family and his new found true love for Fashion, he found happiness that enabled him with a desire to change the life of others that may be experiencing what he once underwent in his late teenage years. 


Many young people this day and age go through tough times in which they are surrounded by darkness, with no sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. They feel the need to give up, or throw in the towel, sometimes resulting in no longer being able to comprehend a future.

Through consistent determination to bring this idea and feeling of change, he starts with a new beginning, illustrating his fresh take on life with his first collection


His word of advice to young is to " find something that you are passionate about, fall in love with it and marry yourself to using it to uplift someone else, and the betterment of our society and world." 


About Designer:


Juriel K.I Thomas also known as Karison Thomas [his preference], was born on the island of St.Eustatius, and grew up in St.Maarten. From a young age, Karison was a special child growing up. Very sensitive, creative, and held strong characteristics for success.


Throughout his teenage years, Karison underwent tough times of hate, depression, anger, resulting in him losing sight of all hope and desires in his future. 


With the consistent support of his immediate family and friends and a love for Fashion, he's devoted his life to making a change in someone's life through his designs, and helping others find their passion.