OUT OF NOWHERE 10 - 6 NOV. 2016

Saturday 6th of November from 15.00 hrs till 18.00 hrs


Our guests are this time CODARTS Composers Ensemble


- Ivo Paunov: Saxophone

- Stamatis Pasopoulos: Accordion. 

- Simo van de Vosse and Sarang Lee: Piano. 

- Efthymios Stavropoulos and Josué Amador: Guitars


but also poets as....Margje Ottevanger, Meriam Chingyong, Theo Huijgens and spoken word artist Mon Geveer



Come and sensitize arts by your sense!

You can still join this event and make part of it!


“Out of Nowhere” is a metaphor for all of us who come from not or less established, still not recognized, not mainstream, but marginalized worlds. An artistic and social happening on an original – out of the box - way.


Our backgrounds, artistic or not, high or less educated, form the basis of a creative, derived process of our knowledge into new, innovative artistic moments and a better social environment

Everybody is welcome.


“Out of Nowhere” is a spontaneous moment of all of us offering special practical ways of inquiring into phenomena of the sensible world.