WORLD WILDER LAB - 24/ 25/ 26 JAN 2016

World Wilder Lab is a British/Dutch art/design collective based in Rotterdam/London working on the intersection of art, science, design and technology in order to: facilitate artistic expression for biological entities, have a dialogue with nature & promote the notion of collaboration & partnership with natural systems.


Through one of their projects called “PlanEt” they look at the role of plants in shaping our cities. Plants are amazing environmental sensors, able to process a lot of information about the quality of our environment. PlanEt is a device which acquires and transmits electrical signals from inside plants which can give us information to what plants are sensing.


Recently World Wilder Lab teamed up together with tutors and students from the department of Spatial and Interior Design in Chelsea College of Arts (UAL, London) - to build a community around PlanEt, gather plants’ data and research how to interpret and apply that data in the context of the city of London.


Now those 21 students will spend 3 days in the Niffo gallery to work together with World Wilder Lab and explore differences and similarities of the plants and plant data between London and Rotterdam.


Young people of Niffo Gallery will be also involved in this project

ZONDAG 24 JAN 2016


Bezoek Katendrecht & het Verhalenhuis


De laatste dag van de studenten uit Londen in Rotterdam Zuid. De stagiaires van Niffo Galerie/ Recycle Studio zijn op pad geweest met de studenten uit Londen en hebben deze foto's gemaakt. Bedankt voor drie inspirerende dagen